We dedicate this performance to the memory of Michael Powell Kirk Bennett’s  u  NITRO u SUMMER SMASH D'ÉTÉ NITRO Home Repertoire Links Multimedia Contact NITRO performs News u NITRO u July 29 juillet - 21:30 hrs.  We are bringing our Summer SMASH D’Éte performance to Montreal’s Pub de la Place located in Place Dupuis just above the easy to access BERRI-UQAM Metro. Join us in a bright and air-conditioned club for this mid-Summer show featuring NITRO regulars and guest performances. NITRO chez Pub de la Place
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Vendredi le 29 juillet
Special guest - ELAINE - Invitée special Rock, Rock’n’Roll, Surf & more Dance ‘till you drop - and trip out with NITRO. Billets/Tickets - 514.805.2862 or nitromusic@bell.net www.NITROband.com Kirk Bennett’s u  NITRO u